========= v4.2.0 (2018.04.14) =========

(1)support “simple” traveltype calculation for a simplifed road network(currently only for Australia);

(2)add a new “coarse” polygondetaillevel, which will use a convex hull to represent the isochrones.

========= v4.1.0 (2018.03.26) =========

(1)support “id” attribute in the coordarr input so that the generated isochrones can be matched, for example [{“lat”:-31.9956,”lng”:115.8996, “id”:120},{“lat”:-32.0004,”lng”:115.8924,”id”:130}] or [{“lat”:-31.9956,”lng”:115.8996, “id”:”abc123″},{“lat”:-32.0004,”lng”:115.8924,”id”:”def456″}]

========= v4.0.0 (2017.07.10) =========

(1)code refactoring & open source it at

========= v3.0.0 (2016.12.31) =========

(1)Rework on the core isochrones generation code, implement it again using a non-recursive BSF algorithm for better performance.

(2)Input parameter ‘returnroadsegs’ is now replaced by ‘returnline‘.

(3)Introduce new parameter ‘returnpoint’ to export road node data with travel distance attributes.

(4)Introduce new parameter ‘format’ to get outputs either in ‘shp’ or ‘geojson’ format.

(5)Output data structure has been updated:  ‘geojson’ is replaced by ‘geojson_polygon‘, ‘geojson_roadsegs’ is replaced by ‘geojson_line‘.  Add a new attribute called ‘geojson_point’ which represents road node output in geojson format. When input parameter ‘format’ is set to ‘shp’,  the following three attributes will be returned: ‘shpurl_polygon‘, ‘shpurl_line, ‘shpurl_point‘.


========= v2.0.0 (2016.03.05) =========

(1)China mainland is now supported.

(2)Redesign and implement Breadth-first search code for path generation to fix bugs.

(3)Introduce new parameter ‘returnroadsegs’ to export road segments data with travel distance attributes.


========= v1.5.0 (2016.02.24) =========

(1) multi-country (Australia and New Zealand) ServiceArea analysis support. China network data is under processing.


========= v1.4.9 (2016.02.14) =========

(1) introduce ‘combotype’ parameter to control service area generation.


========= v1.4.8 (2016.02.13) =========

(1) upgrade geotools to v13.2

(2) boost searvicearea computation speed by using the geometrycollection.union() method

(3)sort out api urls (stable/dev)


========= v1.4.7 (2016.02.11) =========

New features for ServiceArea service are implemented:

(1) support radius array so each seed can be assigned a different radius to compute;

(2) support ‘removeholes’ parameter by default;

(3) more robust on error handling: if a seed fails in service area calculation, a buffer circle will be created and it will be marked as “failure” in attribute ‘status’.


========= v1.4.6 (2016.02.04) =========

(1) ServiceArea service is supported.


========= v1.4.5 (2015.11.20) =========

(1) Location comparison service is supported.