Nearbit aims to provide web APIs to support urban analytics research. The data in use are all free and available online, main sources are OpenstreetMap, Google Maps and ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Nearbit services are deployed on nectar research cloud.

Recent Updates:

2017-07-13 : Dr Yiqun Chen presents Nearbit Isochrone API in CUPUM2017 conference in Adelaide Australia. The presentation slide is here.

CUPUM presentation
CUPUM, Adelaide, Australia, July 11-14, 2017

2017-07-10 : v4.0 released and this project is now opensourced at https://github.com/yiqunc/isochrone-service

2016-12-31 : v3.0 released! A new non-recursive BSF isochrones algorithm is implemented to boost speed. check v3.0 change logs here. From this version, the service name is renamed from ‘ServiceArea API’ to ‘Isochrone API’.

measure of API performance
measure of API performance
API performance measure for 500m isochrones calculation
API performance measure for 500m isochrones calculation

2016-03-05 : Now ServiceArea API supports China Mainland v2.0 and can export road segments with travel distance.

2016-02-24 : Now ServiceArea API supports both Australia and New Zealand on v1.50. The OSM network data for China is under processing and we will bring it up soon.